For the Undecided.

If you've logged into the course as an individual and you're thinking, "Hmm, is this course really worth $59? That's 10 lattes over the next two months. Is it worth it?" Plus, I already got a free book. Why go further?

The answer is: You better believe it's worth it. I've packed 20 years of experience into this course, so it's rich in content. But more, it's designed to support your growth as a future ready teacher. Start with Lifetime Access, meaning you can come back as often as you like when you need some help. Access to over 150 videos, curated on my You Tube Channel (you don't have to hunt -- I've done that for you.) A Toolbox full of the best resources on the planet for PBL, including rubrics, planning forms, articles, exercises, tips, and just about anything you can imagine you will need for PBL. I add to this regularly, so the Toolbox grows and keeps pace with new developments in PBL (and the field is changing--fast). And finally, world class PBL methods and philosophy from a global perspective, with comment and feedback from me.

This is not your ordinary online course. It's meant for 2020 and beyond. I'd love to see you with us.

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